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about 3 years ago

Final Event Videos

Hello CGH2.0 community,


These are the finalists' 5 minute pitches on YouTube, as presented last Tuesday:

  • CareCards - fun, interactive psychological tests
  • Big & Mini - social connection for seniors (bigs) and young adults (minis)
  • OpenABA - remote-first ABA treatment


If you would like to watch the full event (including pitches), you can do so here.


We would like to thank you all for using your superpowers for good. If you'd like to explore other ways to do that, check out these hackathons:

Hack for NF

Oct 2nd - Nov 13th

The Children’s Tumor Foundation is calling for passionate developers, data scientists, biotech
professionals, designers, and hackathon enthusiasts to drive innovation and improve the lives of
patients living with neurofibromatosis and other rare diseases. Provided are the exclusive datasets,
mentor support, team formation assistance, and input from rare disease patients to help make your
hackathon solution as real as it can get.

Future-Proofing the Supply Chain | A GS1 US Hackathon

Now - Sep 20th

How can we utilize emerging technologies to "future-proof" supply chains to be more flexible, agile, and
adaptable to meet unexpected challenges? Traditional supply chains have been severely disrupted by
the recent COVID-19 crisis, and GS1 US is looking for your help to find the answers. Join the Future-
Proofing the Supply Chain Hackathon to design and develop solutions that will increase the adaptability
and resilience of supply chains during rapid change. Plus, compete for the $30K prize pool with 7 team
prizes available!


Stay safe!


The COVID Global Hackathon 2.0 Organizing Team