*We’ve put together resources to get you started on this adventure.*

  1. :exclamation: ️If you do one thing, it is this: check out the hackathon field guide:exclamation:
  2. Idea Board is a place to discover ideas to work on. If your vision isn’t represented, add your idea here to start attracting interest and collaborators.
  3. Mentor Board is a place to see all mentors/domain experts available. (including non-profits working with vulnerable populations like AARP, Jericho Project, Foster America, and more!)
  4. Participant Board helps identify teammates and identify people to ask for help. Fill out your Participant Profile first.
  5. Calendar of events during the hackathon. Subscribe to it to see it in your calendar app.
  6. Operating principles: how to work in this hackathon
  7. Process outline: how to convert an idea into a project
  8. HackTopia: where meet & greet, office hours, and social mixers are held
  9. Hackathon frame for your social accounts 
  10. Submission guidelines: read these before you submit the project on DevPost 
Covid Resources & Databases

This updated collection of resources was originally created for #BuildforCOVID. Please contribute by adding in useful, reputable links and resources if you have any.

Community-sourced data sets, inspiration, and tools for developers