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about 3 years ago

Final Event This Sunday

Hello Teams!

This Sunday, the hackathon closes out with the final event of the week, the Capstone, which will showcase just a few examples how your superpowers have manifested over this past week.

What: CGH 2.0 Closing Ceremonies (Calendar Invite)

When: Sunday, July 12th, 1pm PDT

Where: Zoom Link

It’s been a week since Justin Kan & 7 Cups, Dennis Crowley, HelpWithCovid & Deed, #Quaranteam, ShockTalk, and the Jericho Project gave us examples of how to use our superpowers for good. It’s crazy to think how that was just a week ago. Since then, you have ideated, built, and tested your projects. You’ve connected with mentors and made new friends. We are so proud of you.

On behalf of the mentor team and organizing team, we want to thank you for being part of this magical moment. We would love to see you this Sunday!


The COVID-19 Global Hackathon 2.0 Team