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almost 3 years ago

July 7th Check-in

Hey all,

We really want to make sure everyone and their ideas are visible to mentors. That allows us to see what you're working on and see how we can help.

Throughout today, Danny, Phaedra, Rick, Urvi, and Bill will be checking the channels associated with each idea. If you would like mentorship, we would like you to post a message to your channel indicating:

  • Your idea (a link to the idea board is sufficient, add an idea here)
  • Your teammates (if you're alone and looking for a team, indicate that as well)
  • What your biggest need is today (engineering, introductions, feedback, testing, etc)
  • Tag us: @friday, @Urvi, @bill, @Phaedra, and @Rick Robinson

We will track this and follow up with you shortly after.


The COVID Global Hackathon 2.0 Team