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about 3 years ago

We Fight Against the Night: #buildforCOVID

Hey Hackers!

We are not your usual hackathon. We are creating a community of people focused on building a future that’s far better than the one we seem to be heading toward. To that end, we want to encourage you to see this community as a collaborative one where we’re all helping each other as much as we can. Share ideas and resources and find ways to contribute wherever you can. 

This hackathon IS FOR YOU, whether you know it or not. In order to build products that matter, we need hackers, designers, dreamers, community organizers, and so many more. We all have gifts and talents that we can share to build toward our best vision of the world, no matter how challenging that may seem right now. 

We’re finishing up a hackathon guide to get you started with your work. Whether you’re a hackathon pro or if this is your very first one, we’re here to support the impact we know you’re here to make. Check out the to-dos guide on the homepage of the Hackathon by 12 PM PDT.

Your hackathon runs from today Friday, July 3rd to Sunday, July 12th. 

You can join at any time, and you don’t have to have fully fleshed-out ideas; many great projects are looking for team members -- keep your eye out for the Idea Board. In addition, don’t think of this as something that ends on July 12th. Good work takes time, and we are committed to identifying and supporting as many projects as we can for as long as it takes to develop your work into solutions that help people.

So let’s get going! Here’s what you can do right now:

  1. Sign up for Slack: our workspace is where you’ll meet each other, interact with mentors, and stumble upon unexpected and surprising connections. 
  2. Browse the Idea Board for great projects and ideas. If your vision isn’t represented, add your idea here to start attracting interest and collaborators.
  3. Fill out your Participant Profile to find teammates and mentors...and check out the Participant Board and Mentor Board to see who else is here and coming online.
  4. Add a hackathon frame to your social accounts to let others know what you’re up to this week (or share this post)

Next up, look out for our Calendar of Events, the Hackathon Field Guide, and your special access to the magical, interactive land of...Hacktopia.

Have questions? The best place to get your questions answered is in Slack #0-help

Jonathan, organizer
COVID-19 Global Hackathon 2.0